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Review – HALion Sonic 3 by Steinberg.

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The editing screen is intuitive and the sonic warping features are immense. Fans of the synth Spire will love this feature. I dragged in a hip-hop vocal-shout sample and with a couple of clicks, I had an awesome wavetable pad to play with — the detune function really makes this sound lush. With live sampling, you can record internal and external sources directly into HALion and have your samples cut, mapped and ready to play, which is great with acoustic instruments.

You can even trigger sounds from an external synth keyboard — HALion will listen to the MIDI and assign the incoming audio to those notes. In addition, for those who love to code, HALion has a script module for writing advanced behaviours for your sounds. And to manage your instruments, you can create and export sound libraries with Library Creator.

The lovely people at Steinberg have been very busy! Standout sounds are the Raven and Eagle Grand Pianos, for rich, natural and brilliant tones suited to classic to contemporary. Hot Brass ushers in a new era of funk and roots — this multi-sampled brass section sounds fat and tight [Sure about this?

Studio Strings is great for pop arrangements and film scoring. HALion Sonic is built around a framework featuring 16 program slots. You can use this system to control, balance and play up to 16 separate programs on different MIDI channels or, alternatively, stack them up to create complex sounds. Finally, there’s the FlexPhraser. This handles everything from basic arpeggiation to performance assistance for guitar, bass and drum parts, using a library of over phrases.

So, HALion Sonic clearly packs some serious horsepower. In use this is most obvious with the virtual analogue system, which offers three oscillators plus sub, noise and ring modulation. In addition to the usual sines, squares, saws and whatnot, HALion Sonic’s oscillator types include cross-modulated, synced and the ring modulator-esque ‘exclusive or’.

Also worth mentioning are the four LFOs, two monophonic and two polyphonic. The latter allow independent modulation per note, and also have additional shape-editing features. The filters are one of HALion Sonic’s most powerful elements. There are a whopping 23 filter types, all available in Classic and Tube Drive flavours. You can use them in serial and parallel modes, and morph between up to four filter shapes. The results are superb and you could easily get waylaid by them for some time.

In contrast, the Instrument mode is for keyswitching multi-articulation patches, and offers a much simpler single-tab interface. Similarly, the Drum and Loop modes share an interface, which is also less full on. However, it does include a keymap graphic and parameter adjustment for sounds assigned to each key, including effect send levels.

HALion Sonic uses a tried and tested sound module concept whereby multiple programs aka patches and presets can be combined into ‘multis’.

However, each program also consists of up to four sound layers, and these can be loaded individually from the browser. The upshot is that you can combine totally different sound and synthesis types not just at multi-level but also at program-level. When you consider that you also have fully independent FlexPhraser options for each of those layers and the program as a whole so five in total , as well as individual insert effects for each layer and the program and quick controls for each layer and the program, it’s obvious that HALion Sonic is a very powerful instrument.

In use, the interface makes this all very easy to navigate, although we did wonder what we should be doing with all these options. Our only real gripes are the fact that individual layers can’t be grouped by mode type in the browser. This and the fact that you can’t audition layers before you load them means a bit too much guesswork is involved when hunting new layers. In use, we found the differences between modes the most confusing aspect of HALion Sonic, mostly because you have no way of knowing before you load a program which modes have been used.

It’s not unusual to find a program combining synth and sample-based layers, which isn’t a problem in itself, of course. But if you’re yearning for a keyswitching sampled bass sound, you can’t search on that basis. Overall, the sounds themselves are pretty good, featuring plenty of pads, basses and keyboards. A sizeable chunk of the drums category is taken up by loops. Most of these are very good, and the individual control over slices and pattern randomisation allows for some cool variations although for full pattern editing, you’ll have to drag them into your DAW.

The drum kits are more limited, however, and the one that’s supposed to bring you the thunderous sound of classic Led Zeppelin is particularly underwhelming. On the ‘real’ instrument front, there’s a good array of electric guitars, and we were pretty impressed by the combination of acoustic guitar and FlexPhrases both for picking and strumming.


Steinberg Halion Sonic

The MediaBay integration also makes the process of finding and working with presets much faster and simpler. Steinberg Absolute 5. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. This will bring up the Load Dialog, a browser with columns of information for selecting by Category, Sub-Category, Style and Character. HALion 6 is a fully fledged sampler covering the whole workflow — from recording and sample editing to programming advanced synthesis and modulation. The included standalone version lets you launch Steinberg HALion Sonic 3 outside your DAW and use it as a quick access scratch pad; the metronome and record functions certainly will have you ready when inspiration strikes. Toontrack EZdrummer 3 Bundle.


Steinberg halion sonic 3 review free

Give Feedback. It was versatile, it was easy and quick to use, and in general, it sounded much better than it читать далее any right to, given the compact size of its sample library. Clicking the Edit button перейти bring up the steinberg halion sonic 3 review free for that particular effect. The MediaBay integration also makes the process of finding and working with presets much faster and simpler. Some presets are included for each effect, and you can save your own. There are a few exclusion so check out our Returns Policy page located in the Customer Service section at the bottom of the page. It steinbefg also available in a standalone version.


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Active frse You know that studio doorstop you keep tripping over? String Bass Yes. A large variety of instruments have been included: orchestral instruments, drums, guitar, bass, organs, pianos, steinberg halion sonic 3 review free, many ethnic types of instruments, chromatic percussion, vocals, woodwinds, and more. In the Mix Mix page – The Mix Page offers full access to the instrument slot settings, comprising level and pan as well as the aux effect sends and the output selector.

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